The latest addition to our range of staging

for your outdoor event is the 10m mobile.

In just 20min you will have 61m² of stage area at your disposal. Maximum floor space load 300kg/m2, maximum roof frame load 300kg corners 300kg centre.










Arriving at your venue.

4m height access required

Arriving at your venue



Starting The Assembly







Starting the assembly










Lowering one side of the stage floor.

Lowering The Floor



The floor and sides are up. Railings go into place






The stage floor and the roof frames are in position. Safety railings are inserted.







 The roof frame is raised hydraulically 6.3m from the ground. The stage height from the ground is 1.2m

Raising the hydraulic roof



Within 20 minutes... the ultimate stage!






Within 20mins were are ready for the sound and lighting teams.







Watch Film

Watch film

ready to go



Let the show begin!





 If a larger stage is required to accommodate PA wings and control areas compatible staging and truss are added.